A corner shop with a difference

Artist Lucy Sparrow has hand stitched the entire contents of a corner shop. All familiar brands of grocery have been recreated in felt. The corner shop is located in Bethnal Green, just off Columbia Road and it will be open till August 31st. It is a felt paradise!

Aspex Contemporary Makers Fair

Here are a few images from the Contemporary Makers Fair organised last weekend by Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth.

Exhibitors included: Catherine Mcginness, Laura Bennett, Petting Zoo Prints, Kate Bishop, Julie Chappell, Suzie Darcell, Carina de Jager, Catrin Dudfield, Aniko Gajdosci, EM Jewellery, Charlotte Leftley, Carly Mann, Kelly Ottessen, Vicky Saragouda, Linsey Sinclair, Kathy Williams, Sally Woodford, Julie Chappell.

In the same gallery there is also an exhibition of Clare Willard's beautiful work.

Ceramics @ Jerwood Makers Open 2014

Having recently visited the Jerwood Makers Open I’ve had to mention the exquisite work by ceramicists Hitomi Hosono and Matthew Raw. Here are a few photos.

Jerwood Makers Open

Jerwood Makers Open 2014 is currently on show at the Jerwood Space. The commissioned artists this year include Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen, glass artist Shelley James, FleaFollyArchitects and ceramicists Hitomi Hosono and Matthew Raw.


Adornments to live out your Deficiencies.

"All things considered, despots are a pretty diverse group. They’re not satisfied with just being loved, no, they want to be loved sincerely. If all else fails, they’ll force you.

What are the adornments of dictators, despots and the plain delusional? What do they need in order to let their real personalities shine through? What tools do tyrants have to show that they are in charge? Or are they in charge because they have the necessary tools? 

What type of gifts does the despot bestow upon himself? How does he indulge? What gifts can I bestow upon them so that they are assured of my eternal love and devotion?

These are some of the questions dealt with in RULE THE WORLD, a juried exhibition at Friends of Carlotta in Zürich, Switzerland, curated by Bruna Hauert.

Welcome to our world of lived-out deficiencies and psychopaths!”

Article source and images credit: Friends of Carlotta Gallery, 2014

Exhibition excerpt at Crafthaus

Waving goodbye to June with a couple of images from an English garden.

Show RCA - School of Material

The RCA graduates exhibition is on until June 29th. Here are a few of my highlights from the School of Material.

Show RCA 2014

The Royal College of Art's annual graduate show takes place in the Battersea & Kensington campus. I visited the Battersea site where the work of the graduates of the School of Fine Art, School of Material & School of Humanities is on show. Here are some exceptional visuals, video, photography, sculpture and painting from the new graduates in Fine Art.

BA Ceramic Design Summer Show

Beautiful and innovative work from the new graduates in BA Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins.

Degree Shows 2014

The Summer Degree shows are in full swing in Universities all over the country. It is very exciting for the new graduates to present their work and for the public to see new, fresh talent. I visited the degree shows at UAL and I’ve been impressed by the quality of work of the graduates in Jewellery Design, Ceramic Design, Fashion, Fashion Print and Knitwear in Central Saint Martins. Here are my highlights in Jewellery Design. Congratulations and well done to everybody!